Ideally, there is something very powerful and a driving force that operates in the world and this driving force is not to be reconciled with and is something that is a complete mystery in the world. What we do understand is that there are certain things in the world that cannot be explained or quantified. Those type things that work on the principle that everything is mystical and that the higher calling is based on some omnipotent entity that controls the everyday workings of you and me. That is simply a course for disaster as in the world that is filled with science and real and rational thinking and it is more likely that you would prescribe someone to go to the site to solve their health or any other problem and read an article than to have them visit a priest or a spiritual journey that they must take in order for them to have a realisation in the world. Essentially, the only real things in the world is that very fact of things that are quantified and that we have the ‘rational’ ability to actually know that for a fact and not be mindless androids that does what is told and has tobe controlled all the time.

The Commonality Of Everything

Everything in this world is subject to some sort of similarity that has to do with the fact that everything is connected to one another and not just in terms of human beings being connected but also the events and the things around us.That is why everyone feels something for each other in the event of any sort of misfortune for one another in the event that it should happen. Since we are so connected with each other it is certain that the virtual world that we created is also connected to each other and you might go to the site that has the best herbal medication for your haemorrhoids rather than go to your physician, is something of a rare thing to have that kind of connectivity.


Next to that, there is only one thing that is an eventuality for this connection of mankind with one another and with virtual space and that is something we have to work on to find out what that kind of connection actually is and how it effects the future of the human race.