Buy the best car and follow unique ways to enhance mileage

Since fuel prices are increasing steadily, the significance of ensuring fuel efficiency and high mileage is becoming quite important. When planning to buy a car, this factor needs to be kept in mind. Online shopping sites have an extensive range of cars available that promises fuel efficiency and high-end performance. Look for cars that not only offers you a chance to drive a good car but also allows you to save a lot of money on fuel thus providing greater efficiency. If you are worried about how to ensure high fuel efficiency, check out below mentioned ways that have been found to be quite effective.

Top ten ways of increasing mileage are-

Maintaining proper pressure in car tires

It is very important to get pressure in the car tires checked on a periodic basis as it makes a lot of difference on the fuel efficiency of the car by reducing the contact area between the road and the tire.

Drive Smoothly

It is very important to handle controls of the car smoothly. Brake pedals and accelerator should be used with great care.

Trip Consolidation

If possible try to consolidate two trips into one, this will surely help in saving time as well as fuel. Each time an engine is cranked, extra fuel is consumed by the car. Form carpools to ensure high fuel efficiency.

Keep windows shut

When driving at high speed, if windows are open even partly, it can have a lot of impact on the fuel efficiency. Based on aerodynamics principle, fuel drains out quickly if the windows are kept open as drag increases considerably.

Careful handling of gears

Without knocking in engines, the driver needs to make a shift towards highest gear that is possible as more fuel is consumed in lower gears. The best mix of economy and speed must be created.

The weighty car consumes more fuel

It is a fact that more is the weight of a car, more is the fuel being used. If certain things are lying in your car that is no longer being used, remove them. Travel light!

Avoid idle running of an engine

Any environment expert will tell you that keeping an engine running on idle uses a lot more fuel. Thus it is wise to use start-stop technology.

Clean cars

Cars with clean filters will use less fuel thus periodic cleaning of filters is advisable.

Route planning

Plan a short route and avoid going about an unnecessary longer route to save fuel.

Walk and gain good health

This is the best option to save fuel. This way you will also gain good health.

Visit different online shopping portal and check out car prices that offers high fuel efficiency. You will come across a lot of options that suit your requirement. When you book a car , you get to enjoy a lot of car offers which makes your purchases more reasonably-priced and affordable.