College Football Fandom and Bob Mims CPA Connecting Himself Strongly With It

In most of the articles shared on the Internet regarding the popularity of the game of football, one thing is mentioned for sure, the enthusiasm. Also along with it, none of the authors have forgotten to mention how the game of football has transcended from being just a game to being a pure emotion. And along with it, a major addition has been the college football which indeed makes the difference in the game.

Studies and in detailed surveys have already shown that almost one-quarter of the entire United States, which is around 80 to 90 million of people are intricately attached with college football, and they regularly follow and watch matches either on TV or live from the stadium. But has anyone ever questioned how many of them align to which particular team? Definitely, the answer to this question is never an easy one to pick, but there might be some effort in finding a probable solution. Bob Mims CPA has not only been advertently attached to the game but has also been coaching for some period. And it’s not just football, but any game that pulls him strongly.

Bob Mims CPA

There’s no denying the fact that enthusiasm for college football spreads far and wide without maintaining the borders and boundaries. In fact, records say that it is by the most radically viewed and expressed game in the Sports culture. Going by the Google Insights for Search, the term “college football” is generally searched for about 5 times as often in Birmingham, Alabama as it is in New York City when compared to the overall search traffic. So to put it in simple terms, on a per capita basis, there are as many as five times of college football lover in Birmingham as in the entire New York. But, what Bob Mims CPA, doesn’t fail to notice is the size of the New York media which is ten times bigger than that of Birmingham. Whatever it be, Birmingham still wins the race going by the fandom that college football receives out there.

Even though New York wins the race in terms of population as well, they do not win the race with Atlanta or Dallas. There are some online research works that are being carried every single year, and in this survey, each of the football fanatics are asked to keep one particular football team that they have been loyal to for the entire season and also over multiple seasons as well. Even though hundreds of thousands of responses are gathered every single year, somehow the trend based on the geographical diversity has not been settled down. This only says one thing, bifurcating college football based on states and territories are completely impossible.

It is a sensation on its own, and while people live for it, on one hand, they also die for it as well. It’s emotion in its purest form, and hence its better people stay contented without bringing in territorial politics into it.