Nootropics might sound like some juice made in the tropics but it’s actually more than just some tropical juice. Nootropics (not sure why it was named as nootropics in the first place) are a class of drugs that function as a smart drug. It’s a good brain enhancer that helps anyone become smarter, focused and awake. Sounds very promising right? Because it is. The drug has been considered as a wonder drug for the reason that it does great wonders and it’s pretty good too.

While in some other countries the drug is banned or controlled for the most part because people taking the drugs is prone to taking it for granted, it’s actually not as bad as most people think. Despite the things that you read online about it like it’s harmful side effects and all that, it’s all paper. Now, this article is not telling you that those scary things that you read online are not true, it’s just that everything should be taken in moderation as a rule of thumb as far as medicine goes, so if you’re doing it right, you should be fine.

An extra dose doesn’t make you smart: The common misconception about Modafinil is that the more that you take it, the better that it will have great wonders for you. This Isn’t exactly true, you see Modafinil is this drug that doesn’t work that way. Whether you take 1,2,3 or even 10 pills, you will not become smarter. If that was the case many would have smuggled the drug and ingested 1 bottle a day to help them make a time machine or a spaceship that can travel to another galaxy or make a real lightsaber or something. Regardless if you take 1 tablet or 10, it can only do so much in helping you pass a quiz or an exam.

You still need to work for it: Being smart doesn’t mean you will get what your math teacher is teaching right away, it just means that nootropics help you absorb better, think better and be more alert to more attentive, you still need to listen to your teacher. It still comes with hard work, nootropics just gives you a little push to help you complete your task, that’s all and that is the reality.

It doesn’t act as a stimulant: Modafinil keeps you awake and it’s pretty good at it too, that is a fact, but it’s actually not a stimulant. Yeah, that’s right, surely your eyebrows are raised by now, so what is it? It’s actually has a very underrated term for it, it’s called a eugeroic. Basically, eugeroics help make you awake but don’t give you that effect that you just drank 1 liter of espresso kind of feeling.

Modafinil is part of a drug called nootropics, it has a lot of misconceptions out there that should be debunked. The fact is that taking more doesn’t make you smart, you still need to do the learning and the drug will just give you that extra energy, brain power, focus and wakefulness and surprisingly, it’s not a stimulant. If you plan to Modafinil buy online, you should be wise not to just buy from any random site there is because there are a ton of dodgy sellers out there on the world wide web. If you want to find the legit ones out there you should do some homework and read some online Modafinil reviews.