A lot of people tend to find fun and enjoyment during their leisure time whether it’s right after work or school. This may be the reason why a lot of people love to play online games. Aside from the entertainment which can be found obviously from different games online, they are able to generate income from playing online as well. People enjoy the newest games online and they find it interesting.

One of the best game that you can give people the entertainment and at the same time able to produce real money is Sim 3.  This is the video game developed by the Sims studio that was launched in 2006. This game is considered a commercial success. Selling 1.4 million in the first week during its release day. It has the same concepts as predecessors

How to play Sim 3?

In order to play this game, you just need to download it and you can start to enjoy the game. This game uses a 3D technology for the benefits of their players. To start with your application, you need to create your own sim. This can be done by filling the needed information. Such as name, gender, appearance, personality traits, and lifetime wish. This is to achieve your goal in the game and this is done by customizing the following information.  The process that can be done easily and to play accurately the Sim 3 download.

You need to buy a house

This is done by finding an empty a lot on the map. This is where you can build one from scratch or spend a little more for it furnished. On the PC version, you can hold down ctrl+shift-c and then type. And you need to purchase items for your house by pressing the chair and table button. This will prompt a menu of purchasable items. You will get a job, this is done by clicking the skyscraper icon. Another is by selecting your desired place of employment. Thus, if you can’t decide, you can also look back at your wishes and depends on what they prefer. Press the blue arrow, this is next to your sims avatar and then will bring you back. Finally, click on the head in the menu tab and make sure the diamond is green to keep the sim happy and healthy.

Sim 3 download

How to get Sims 3 for free?

Sims 3 is usually sold by the retailer worldwide, however, you can be downloaded to your computer for free. This is by using origin, the Sims 3 can also be downloaded for free. Using by peer-to-peer file sharing protocol or also known as BitTorrent.

By using origin, you need to download the page

The origin client will allow you to manage games you have purchased and downloaded in the past. Then origin is already installed automatically on your computer and can be used.

You need to select the option to download origin for windows or MAC OS

The browser will download,  install the file and save it to your default Downloads folder. Next is that double click on the origin installation file. This is to bring up the origin setup menu. Finally, you can select your origin to install the location. And you can own shortcut preferences.