There is one simulator series that is popular in Europe – Euro Truck Simulator 2. As of November 2018, the game has sold more than five million units. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a sequel to 2008 Euro Truck Simulator. It was initially released in 2012 for macOS, Microsft Windows and Linux.

If you fancy driving around Europe, this is a perfect game. Your ultimate goals include picking up cargo and delivering it across different locations. If you want to buy more vehicles, depots and hire other drivers to work for you, it is important that you know some hacks.

Here are some gameplay hacks you can consider to be successful:

When driving

After the Euro Truck Simulator 2 download, you will be prompted to create your profile. Once completed, you will need to pick a control method. The control helps a lot when it comes to optimising your driving. You can use mouse steering but it is just too slow especially when cornering at speed. It is recommended that you use an Xbox controller, which will increase your steering sensitivity.

When setting your cruise

Sometimes you will find yourself with speeding violations. If you are traveling under the speed limit, it will also cost you time. To avoid these things from happening, it is time to consider cruise control. It is imperative that you utilise it.

It is better to set your cruise to six or seven over the limit for travel efficiency. This way, you will not risk any tickets. However, you should watch out for speed limit signs especially in areas equipped with speed cameras. It is easy to miss the signs especially if you are running with cruise control.

When resting

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, there is no such thing as partial rest. When you rest, it will take 8 hours – even if you are not that tired. The best thing to do is to look for a place to park after your first yawn.

Do not sleep between jobs no matter how boring or lousy it gets. To see how long you have before you get sleepy, you can simply hit F6. You should know that most jobs will give you time to sleep especially after putting a few points in the Long Distance Skill.

When you miss your exit

Sometimes you can miss your exit. If the exit is too far and it will take time going back, you can pull a U-turn, get on the shoulder and then head back to the way you came. Although it is terrifying, it is better than wasting more hours heading back.

When taking the loan

As soon as you paid off your first truck, you will be qualified for a loan. You should take the 400,000 loanable amount because it has the lowest interest rates and you can do more things with that money.

Do not travel empty

Traveling empty is counterproductive. To ensure that you do not travel empty, you can go to “job selection” then click the dot on the map. You will be presented with a list of jobs originating in the city. If there are no high-paying jobs for you, it is prudent to grab a short distance job and try your luck from there.