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Finding the right shelving solution for your warehouse can make all the difference to your stock and workflow. By storing items on the right types of shelves and arranging your floor space, you can streamline your storage and find the correct solution for your products and business. Shelving storage systems can maximise your storage space by building upwards, making them a perfect solution for smaller warehouses and when expansion is not an option. You can pack more items into the same space by integrating a sensible shelf system. Read on for more benefits:

1. Easier cleaning

Shelving systems make cleaning the warehouse an easy process. Inventory becomes better organised and allows easy access to all the stock, so you will have enough space to move around and find all the items, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

2. Stock control

Proper shelving systems make it easier to manage stock as it is a simple process to manage received and returned items and new deliveries. Categorising is also easier and you can ensure products are in their proper place, increasing efficiency and quality control.

Just because you might have a large warehouse with lots of boxes doesn’t mean it can’t be managed effectively with a sensible floor plan. In fact, most businesses don’t need larger premises – they just need to manage their existing space more effectively.

3. Heavy loads

Heavy loads are easily dealt with by appropriate shelving solutions. High-quality industrial shelving in Ireland from stockists such as https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving can provide strong, durable shelving that can take heavy loads. Steel shelves are sturdy and come with a rust-resistant coating: simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the appropriate load.

4. Reduced damage

By using a proper shelving unit you can ensure your items are well protected, which reduces damage risk. Shelves reduce piling and this protects inventory, as your items can be stored in proper racks and spaced on the shelves instead of being placed in unsteady piles.

5. Improved workflow

Workflow efficiency is enhanced by using proper shelving systems, as storing heavy items in quantity saves both space and time. Employees at the warehouse can access stock quickly and easily which improves workflow, while shelves can also be easy to clean and maintain so staff don’t have to spend precious time finding items and cleaning around the products.