There are exciting new products entering the soft drink industry this year, and it’s not just about the taste. Innovative new packaging and marketing ideas reflect the pressure being placed on manufacturers from environmentalists and the public.

When we are talking about refreshing beverages, citrus is an everlasting most-liked flavor. That describes for the call of orange juice, lemonade and citrus-flavored soft drinks. Fizzy water is developing, driven in portion by consumers who are worried about sugar but still hunting to please their longing for carbonation.

Premium Drinks

After the success of many new products in 2018 and new launches from brands such as Schweppes seeing a rise in popularity, consumers are enjoying more choice, with non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic mixers offering exciting new flavours tempting drinker’s taste buds.

Healthy Options

Sugary drinks have been hitting the headlines in recent years for all the wrong reasons. Drinks manufacturers across the world have been encouraged to look at their ingredients and reduce their sugar content, and they’ve been forced to look at producing healthier alternatives that aren’t connected to health problems like obesity and diabetes. Consumers are also becoming more informed about what they are putting into their bodies and the impact high-sugar drinks can have on health. Many outlets now offer healthier soft drinks, and they are proving popular amongst all ages.

Vitamin and Energy Drinks

In addition to reducing the sugar content, customers are also being enticed by additional benefits, such as nutritional extras. There has been a huge increase in drinks offering multivitamins and other health benefits. For example, Purdeys successfully used actor Idris Elba in its marketing campaign, thereby creating an image consumers were keen to replicate.

Companies such as post mix juices provide post mix juices for restaurants and bars looking to widen their range for customers and attract new guests.


Plastic packaging and the damage it is doing to the environment can no longer be ignored by manufactures, and many have released plans for eliminating plastic in their packaging by 2030. This will certainly be welcomed by environmentalists and consumers alike across the globe.

Campaigns such as that launched by Sky News last year have seen the pubic really sit up and take notice of the damage consumables are having on the planet, and this is already having a positive effect.

Operators searching to tackle these trends and twirl them into more traffic or more check averages should not only provide beverages that characterize distinctive flavors, low-alcohol (or no-alcohol), sparkling water and etc, but they should also ensure to encourage these kinds of drinks on social media. By making sure that the diners are conscious that new and exciting drinks are accessible, operators can trust on enticing new and repeat drink customers.

Recent research has shown that the younger generation is drinking fewer alcoholic drinks and opting for juices and other soft drinks instead when going out. Providing healthy choices with fresh, vibrant flavours will help encourage this trend and expand the market even further.