vehicle gun safe

If you own firearms, you understand how important it is to keep those guns protected. A good gun safe combination lock is essential not only for protecting your guns and other objects by restricting access but also for ensuring that your family is safe from any accidents that could happen if a gun is accidentally found and picked up by a child.

When you choose a vehicle gun safe, you have a couple of options when it comes to the type of lock you get on your safe. The only difference between the locks is whether the combination must be entered into a keypad or mechanically.

Alternatively, the leading manufacturers of the vehicle gun safes provide us with a large variety of options depending on the location of the gun safe in the car or the truck.

The centre console gun safe–The centre console gun safe is completely concealed with the console armrest down. When you lift up the armrest, a key opens the gun safe.  Since you already carry your car keys with you, a key lock isn’t inconvenient.


vehicle gun safe

Under seat safe– General purpose vehicle gun safes will fit under the seats of most vehicles. A good question is whether to install them with the door opening towards the floor well or the door. The design of your vehicle may limit you to one option or another.

Trunk gun safe–The most secure location for a vehicle gun safe is in the trunk.  Unfortunately opening a trunk secure a weapon lets everyone watching know there’s something valuable in the trunk.

Safe at the footwell–Some people choose to mount vehicle gun safes along the side of the passenger’s or driver’s footwell. This offers a convenient presentation, especially for gun safes with integral holsters that present the gun’s grip in a ready to grab position

However, if you mount a gun safe in a foot well, the occupant’s knee or leg can slam into the rigid metal in an accident and cause serious injuries that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise.

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