How to Buy Manly Jewelry

Are you a man looking for a piece of jewelry to wear out on your date? Or are you a lady looking for something nice for her man? Regardless, there are some things that you should be aware of when it comes to manly jewelry. First off, Women love big and chunky jewelry with stones and shine and, well, everything. However, men should never wear this type of jewelry. For a woman, her jewelry is acts as the centerpiece to her outfit. For a man, his jewelry as to complement is outfit. According to an article, men should wear jewelry that appears natural like it belongs there. Something passed down from generations such as a watch or cuff links. A man’s jewelry should be stylish but not noticeable and should blend with their outfit. For example, when a man wears a necklace, it shouldact as an accent piece to a well-dressed outfit rather than stick out like a you know what. Some simple rules for men to follow who would like to wear jewelry include: starting off with something simple such as a silver watch, knowing how and where it should be placed, making sure metals match, knowing any meaning (if any) behind the jewelry and of course, abiding by any dress code rule about wearing jewelry at work or school.

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