Van security is a serious issue for millions of LCV owners, yet there are many common vulnerabilities that do not get dealt with quickly enough.

Here are just a few examples of the steps you can take to avoid falling victim to the ongoing van theft crime wave.

Park Somewhere Safe

Whenever you are out and about on a job, your van will be exposed to exploitation if you do not leave it in a secure location. Where possible, it makes sense to never allow your van out of your sight, especially if it is unlocked and its valuable contents could be snatched by a passing crook.

If you do need to park your van elsewhere, choose a CCTV monitored area or preferably a lockable parking structure. And for obvious reasons you should never leave tools on board overnight, no matter how safe you think the vehicle might be.

Improve Window Security

If a thief can see into your van and spy the precious cargo, they will be more likely to try and get at it. A cheap fix for this is to tint any external windows or render them entirely opaque if they do not obstruct the driver’s view.

Another option is to add steel grills to cover the windows and dissuade criminals from making an attempt to break in.

It might make sense to install Speedliner alongside these updates, available on sites like This will prevent damage being done by heavy equipment or unwanted incursions into your van’s cargo area.

Install a Deadlock

Locks that are built into a van can be forced or body panels can be folded back to gain leverage. That is where a deadlock can be an added layer of security which will be much tougher to budge.

Of course, the main issue with a deadlock is that it will not be the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your van. This is a small price to pay to dramatically improve how well protected it is.

Tag Equipment

If tools are taken from your van, the chances of recovering them are relatively slim. However, if you use an ultraviolet pen to mark them with the name of your company, they can be easily returned to you if found by the authorities further down the line.