Whether you are running a sports club membership section, a local gym or are in charge of sports sections in an educational establishment, new software can make your administration much easier and encourage the growth of interaction within your organisation.

The essence of any sports section model is membership, the larger it becomes the better you are doing your job. Boosting participation in sport not only has significant health benefits but also generates a number of socio-economic results which benefit communities and individuals.

The basics of marketing in the present age revolve around “The 7Ps”. Sit down with your club members and apply the following points to your club – they’ll offer you with a continuous reference point when scheduling your paths of attack when the actual marketing starts.

Increasing participation in sport is not only a government priority but is also being addressed at local and national level by sports administrators. If you’re not out there crying out about your club, no one is going to hear about the superb service your club offers. It appears to be certain, but there is a number of on-and-offline stages you require to hitch up to usefully recognize and publicize your club.


Like every other sector they are looking closely at membership software to expand their appeal and communicate with their members on a regular basis. Examples of this kind of programme can be found at websites such as membership software.

All individuals engaged in sport know that sometimes you just do not feel like putting on your kit and stepping out of the door. For sports sections, connecting with their members ensures that they are enthused to take part in upcoming events, whether it is a park run or attending their club’s latest event. Retaining the interest of existing members can only help to attract new recruits as it creates a buzz around the club or section.

To propagate these events and more of the best work your club does in the community, you’re going to require one of the oldest and powerful forms of marketing – articulate.

It is important to keep membership easy. The appropriate software will help to make registration straightforward and ensure that renewal dates and relevant subscriptions are dealt with smoothly. Dealing with these issues online is not only more efficient in terms of administration but also more attractive to potential members who are familiar with paying using their phones or banking apps.

Different times of the year see rising recruitment, either post-Christmas when everyone makes a New Year Resolution and pre-season for many outdoor activities. Making pricing attractive and allowing members to spread the cost of their activity can easily be accommodated using membership technology.

Once you have members on your database you have a business asset which allows you to monitor how members are using your facility.

You might also consider using a recruitment system where members get a discount for introducing new members. Your software will help you monitor the success of such a scheme.
Sharing information with like-minded organisations can also help boost membership.