Konnekt Videophone is a sophisticated world’s simplified phone mainly designed to assist elderly people as well as individuals who suffer hearing disabilities. They also are known as Konner smartphones that actually assist to improve the cognitive ability for people who have suffered memory loss or dementia and reduce depression risk. According to the latest research based on social isolation, it also helps the family to offer exceptional caregivers.

If you want to connect with contact video call with your contacts, but you find it hard to use iPad, then you should try Konnekt videophone. The co-founder of this technology is known as John Nakulski who’s origin is Chelsea, Richmond office. This product is basically large in appearance so that it can monitor the needs that are wired to the PowerPoint.

How to use Konnekt Videophone

Konnekt videophone start-up is fast and simple as you can have. All you need to do is to plug in and take it straightway to your contacts. Your contacts will then displayed on your buttons screen and every contact on a big button. In order to contact someone, you simply click the button on your screen.

In fact, it’s necessary to swipe, or locate the screen and also no more transitions. In order to use this device with a poor eyesight, just use Konnekt Videophone to boast 15-inch 38cm with customized text size. In addition, it comes with loudspeakers that can be heard from several rooms to ensure when a call is received, it can be heard from other rooms.

With the contacts, you can be able to everyone, including children, grandchildren, gardener or cleaner. By using this in-house contacts you can get an easy access to Konnekt Videophone services. The only call you will get will ensure the contacts are added to your videophone.

How typical call works

Once you’ve clicked the button to make a call, you will be redirected to the screen with few things such as, a large screen that tells who you’re contacting, the time, which counts down in seconds until the end of an unanswered and the End Call button. Also, it has a microphone which is connected to one side of the screen that enables receiving audio calls.

The charges of using Konnect Videophone

The cost of using simple video phone for elderly people include single upfront charges and monthly costs for the services. These monthly charges are normally higher especially for overseas calls. Generally, this device is useful for individuals who need it. However, certainly, it’s not applicable to anyone since it is a special device particularly meant for specific needs. For many disabled and elder people, the social isolation can actually measure them down. Keeping in touch with family and friends is therefore important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In this condition, a Konnekt Videophone device is a perfect substitute for using iPads smartphones as well as other devices that are typically complicated to use.

This device is rather pricey. Get ready to simply cover the fair installation cost if a Konnekt Videophones looks like something you would need for your parents.