Counterfeit ID Proofs

There is a tremendous demand of fake id proofs all around the world, particularly so in the student community. So, the realm of Internet is abuzz with service providers who can make fake id proofs for you by charging you a sum of money. Fake id websites abound on the Internet and it is not difficult to place orders with them. However, it is not certain that the fake id proofs that they will provide will work in the real world. So, the users have to be cautious and place their orders with websites that can provide them with workable fake id proofs. is one website that provides you with reviews of fake id websites. Their reviews of fake id vendors are much admired as they are chosen with great care by their team. They regularly update the list of legit fake id websites and their inputs come from genuine users. They screen the id vendors on important parameters, like if their ids can pass UV, holograms or barcode test, if they have invisible state seals, etc. They have reviewed one very popular website,, at . This review has benefitted many users. Let’s see some of the salient points that highlighted in their scrutiny of

reviews of fake id websites checked on some parameters and gave them rating on each parameter on the scale of 1 to 10. Let’s see what these parameters are and how fared on it.

  • Support:The website got 8 on 10. On being contacted, the website staff replies in 3 hours.
  • Template:The website got 8 on 10. The website has replicated templates of original ids with perfect color matching.
  • Pricing: The website got 7 on 10. The website charges 120 dollars for a fake id proof but it’s worth spending money with them as they provide good quality and working fake id proofs.
  • Photoshop:The website got 9 on 10. The website edits to perfection the uploaded photos and aligns them to the template requirement of the ids.
  • Holograms/ UV:The website got 8.5 on 10. The website provides fake id cards with perfect overlays and holograms that are visible and vibrant.
  • Scanning: The website got full marks. The fake id cards provided by this website successfully met the criteria of being scanned in any system.
  • Stealth/Shipping Time: The website got 8.5 on 10. The website ships the fake ids on time and you can receive your cards in 10 days. Moreover, they cleverly disguise the fake id cards in rolex watch boxes or some other kind of packaging.
  • Duplicates: The website got 9 on 10. The website provides duplicate ids that are really hard to detect in real world.

So, overall is satisfied with the service and product provided by provides similar reviews of many other fake id websites. Visit and check the fake id review of a website and then decide on your next step.