While you upload the videos in the page, there it is important for you to make the audience to apprise by providing them some high quality videos in that. The fact is large numbers of you tubers having converted their home into the shooting studios. For that, they need to use some additional things like those that they need to buy the good cameras to shoot the youtube videos, green screens, tripods, and important lighting equipments.

While speaking of lighting, lighting is most essential and this plays major role while you become the audience to videos on youtube. By having the light ring, this will help you about 100% in order to increase the views of videos of at least two times and thereby this makes the audience on youtube to watch the videos till end, so to said fairly to say that lighting is always important. If you are the new person to make the youtube video, you should ask yourself such kind of questions about what and why to use the ring lights.

The answer for this question is simple; this is light in shape of ring, and this produce some great amount of light, which makes the camera to shoot the subject in clear and to make sharp video. Well, for the second question, if you show the face in the video and this is not clear enough for audience in order to recognize those things, after that this is while you have ring light with that. You need to look for three important features before you purchase the ring light.

Adjustable Beam Spread: Try to ensure that while buying the ring light while this should have an adjustable beam spread as well as the direction of propagation.

Stand Height: Ensure that the stand height of the Ring Light should be durable and at the same time, this should be adjustable, so that you can use this for variety of shoots in various environments.

Portability: There is no problem of portability while you are shooting for indoors, but while you are shooting in different location then this is important to consider this option.