The piano teachers have their own set of the curriculum which takes a long time to teach and they start with the assumption that you would practice regularly and you will stick for a long time with them. In most of the cases, the course is also an expensive one. Everybody wants to play their favorite song and there is no need to spend a long time to learn music. The theory to learn the fundamental steps, the sheet music and the drills associated with it are tedious to follow.  For you, online piano lessons are the good option to analyze and to choose the right one for you.

If you’ve decided to learn how to play your piano or keyboard let no other reason to stop you. As many of others, you might have tried and quit or you are the new one to touch the piano for the first time. The online piano lessons are available for you which make an easy start. There are different ways to learn piano and knowing it will help you to choose the right one for you.

The 4 Ways to Learn Piano

Sheet music, By ear, YouTube tutorials, and chords and improvisation are the four ways to learn the piano.

1 – Sheet Music

Many people use Sheet Music to learn new songs.  It takes a long time to learn and in the case of a complicated song taking a year is not a thing to wonder.  When you learned to play the song, whether the time you spent worthy is the question. Learning to read the sheet music takes much time and learning a new song by using sheet music takes time even after you are familiar with reading the sheet music.


2 – By Ear

It is only suitable for some people who have the natural talent to hear the notes, chords, and melodies and who can know the difference. Those people are able to play the piano based on what they hear.

3 – YouTube Tutorials

 YouTube Tutorials are easily accessible and many gadgets like smart phones and laptops are used to learn the piano by sitting near the piano. The visual aid is good to follow but in effect, YouTube tutorials resemble the sheet music. But repeating something that you see is not learning in the true sense of the word.

4 – Chords & Improvisation

Chords & Improvisation is better in a way when you compare it with the other methods. In this method, the person knows what he does and learns the thing easily and the learner has no need to be a professional.

The traditional way of learning the piano takes a long time and the music teachers expect the learners to stick with them for years. If you go for a short-term and a quick course, even a 21 days course is available for you. The course has a unique pattern which teaches you to play on your own and you would end up playing your favorite song in no time.