Tracking a cell phone by a number is considered to be a pretty common request. As a matter of fact, there are a number of endless services of different degree of usefulness that some claim to be able to allow you to do this, generally with some kind of app or an even with a few making a few changes to your phone settings- darmowa lokalizacja telefonu.

Having a technology-centric society provides you with some reliable and accurate options to find out where a specific phone really is- especially if the government can do it for you. However, there are some quite important legal or let’ say ethical limitation that somehow limits you about what you can do and what you cannot, when we talk about tracking phones.

Some Major Phone Carriers

There is 4 major phones carrier option available in the US that helps you to find and track- zlokalizuj telefon that are attached to one account. O, in case you children, partner, and even your spouse are under that account, you can always use the following application to track their exact location:

AT&T FamilyMap: Well, this application is on the top list of the service provider, by using this app you can easily track and see the location history of a phone. You can also receive a notification in case the phone tends to move out of the dedicated area.

Sprint Family Locator: Here, rather than providing you with a single application, the sprints offer you with suite application which is known as Guardian. This also includes the Sprint Family Locator Suite that enables you to locate your family members, and receive required updates on the specific location of your loved one automatically throughout the day.

Verizon Family Locator: This is somehow similar to the other carrier applications available from the other service providers. The Verizon Family Locator enables you to locate your family members and can also receive the automatic updates on their location. You can also create several hotspots, that will help you to receive timely notifications, especially when your family members depart or arrive at those locations.