Azure Backup. This is an Azure-based service that you can use to backup or protect and restore your data and information to your Microsoft cloud. Azure Backup will replace your existing on-premises or off-site backup solution using a cloud-based solution. This is more reliable, secure and cost-effective.

The Microsoft’s Azure Backup services meet the increased demand for data retention in the market today. By using the Azure Backup, organizations can lessen the costs of the backup storage. It will also improve the efficiency and make sure that the data is available at all times. All of these while using the cloud technology and scaleability.

The Available Backup Solutions

On-Premises Backup. When you are using Azure back the on-premises backups can be backed up using an internet connection. These require no maintenance since the business run in a high-availability environment. The data can be restored to the application and file level without delays. The backup solutions hosted on-site can be incorporated into the backup architecture. All of these solutions can be back up to Azure services and can be used to restore data.

Cloud Solutions. You can backup the applications and file implementations on Azure Cloud. With the virtual machines, it can be backed up using the Azure native services or other third-party solutions like Commvault. You don’t need to worry about retention on-site since the data is backed up to another Azure data center location.

The Off-Premises Archival. The Azure backup will also provide solutions if you are archiving on-premises data to an off-site location. Most businesses use this option of archiving using Store Simple to hot and cold tier Azure Blob Storage. Using this solution, the data that you do not expect to be accessed will often be shifted to a cold tier storage for cost savings. The frequently accessed data can remain on the hot tier storage. 

How Can Azure Ensure Data Security?

With Azure, data encryption is used to securely transmit the data to the Azure facilities. You can keep an encryption key locally and it will never be stored by Azure. The data stored at Azure locations is always encrypted on data center equipment by using AES 256. These data will also be sent over a secure HTTPS connection.

Why Choose Azure Backup Vault?

There are two reasons why you have to choose the Azure backup vault. First would be the benefits, and the second would be the Azure backup vault price. This has lower costs and can be achieved by eliminating tape backup and retention. The Azure backup pricing is very affordable. It can be calculated to best fit your budget.