Have you ever wondered what keeps a pre-owned car lasts long after it was used by its previous owners and if you compare it to its fellow pre-owned car models, it disappeared one-by-one on the road? There is actually no mysterious secret behind a well-maintained pre-owned car because the key to this is to provide it a routine maintenance schedule.

Buying a pre-owned car is very practical in terms of cost considering that brand-new cars already depreciates once it steps out of the dealership, however, having bad maintenance of your pre-owned car will cost you more than buying a brand-new car.

A lot of drivers have thought that maintaining their vehicles, especially if it is a pre-owned one is just merely an option for them which is completely wrong, the point is that wasting a lot of money for maintenance when your main objective of buying a pre-owned car is to save money, well it completely defeats your purpose.

Your pre-owned car will not work perfectly fine as what you have thought it would be forever, because it is not exempted from the gradual wear-and-tear factor that will take its toll eventually.

In order to slow down the wear-and-tear factor of your pre-owned car is to regularly check it and put in scheduled maintenance, because according to automobile experts, you can only spend $1,000 a year compared to as letting it wear down over the course of time which will result in more than what you spend in buying that pre-owned car.

The question that you would be asking right now is what goes into maintaining a used car in the first place? The first thing that you should consider will be the change in oil. Changing the motor oil is very important in having a well-maintained pre-owned car. Change oil should be scheduled twice to three times a year depending on the kind of oil it takes and how often you use the car.

Tire rotations also comes into the list, as well as the brake inspections, and the replacement of worn-out parts and accessories that might affect the pre-owned car’s overall performance such as timing belts and filters to name a few to make sure that it will contribute in giving your pre-owned car a longer lifespan more than what its previous owners expect it to be.

According to the dealerships of used cars in Glendale It should be a priority of yours to treat your pre-owned car with proper maintenance because you might be annoyed of the extra cost it will take you, but this will eventually reward you with not just a long-term ownership but saving a lot of money for unnecessary expenses that arise because of poor maintenance.

Another astonishing study that automobile experts found out that pre-owned cars that were sold from its previous owners to dealerships which are just two to three years old after it was released could last up to two to three decades if there is regularly scheduled maintenance from its current owner.

It is also important to maintain a pre-owned car because junkyards across the United States are getting crowded over the years considering that major car brands release new models just like what smartphones manufacturers do every year which increases the rate of depreciation from the consumers.