Stylish Movies of the 70s

Whether you loved fashion in the 70s or hated it, there is no denying that it was pretty iconic. From flared bell bottoms to tight white t-shirts, there were a lot of strong looks – and some of them were actually very stylish.

stylish movies from the 70s

Here are 10 of the most stylish movies from the 70s.

American Graffiti

This film was released at a time when rock and roll was extremely popular, and the fashion in the film is also about plain white tees and tight black jeans.

Smokey and the Bandit

Smokey and the Bandit was Burt Reynolds at his best, with a faded shirt and a cool cowboy style.

cool cowboy style

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The Sting

A white vest teamed with braces is now an iconic look, and this could be due to Paul Newman’s style in The Sting. Yes, the 70s were filled with lots of style mistakes, including bell bottoms, but braces are still trendy today!

National Lampoon’s Animal House

This fashionable film had it all, from tweed suits to varsity jackets. Not all of the styles have stood the test of time, but some looks are seriously stylish even now.

Dirty Harry

Harry Callaghan is a great character. It is possible that he is best known for wearing the iconic Ray-Ban 4089 Baloramas.

The Deer Hunter

This film serves some of the best men’s winter looks we have ever seen – and we are sure that a lot of men are jealous of De Niro’s beard in the film!

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a memorable film for a few different reasons, including the fashion and style it featured. Apparently, the film even changed the way Jean Paul Gaultier saw fashion!

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver may be a controversial film, but there is no doubting that at points the characters have a good sense of style – especially when the Ray-Ban Caravan sunglasses are on screen.


Jaws was a fairly terrifying film, so we will forgive you for not noticing the style the first time around. But if you re-watch it, you may find yourself admiring the classic grey jumpers and masculine style.

Get Carter

Who doesn’t love blue mohair three-piece suits, boot cut trousers and inexplicable double-breasted raincoats?