Converse is a top-rated company and has cut a niche for itself in the sportswear industry.  They make all kinds of sportswear, like shirts, sweatpants, trainers and the likes. They also have endorsement deals with many sports stars across in all sorts of sports, who wear their products.

Head Office

The company has factories in many countries across the globe. However, most of their products are made in the southeastern Asian countries, like Indonesia and Vietnam; the company focuses more of its products in these countries because the cost of production is low in these places. However, its products are sold across the globe, and they also make sportswear for national sports teams of many countries.  Individuals can also order their products from their website from where such items will be delivered to the preferred address of the buyer.

Quality customer service    

Aside from producing one of the best sports kits, the company equally offers one of the best customer services in the industry. For one, they provide Android and iPhone apps for their clients, via which the latter can reach them and also access their various goods. The apps can be downloaded free from the respective app stores.

Their website is easy to navigate, and you can quickly get their contact information on their website via which you can get across to their ever efficient customer services.  The customer can pay online for the various products being sold on their website and mobile apps.  Furthermore, the customer can contact them via their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages for a quick response.

Furthermore, the company supports various payment methods for ease of transaction. You can pay via PayPal on their website. As if that is not enough, they also partners with the general public, who can join the company as affiliates. The affiliate advertises and sells the company’s products and receives a commission for his effort.

One other top-notch feature of the company is its iron-clad money-back guarantee that allows the customer to return any product and get a refund for same. The opportunity is open to every customer that is unsatisfied with his purchase.

Moreover, sizing at Puma is very accurate, unlike what obtains on several other brands. They run true to size, and you will not need to go through any size adjustment when purchasing their goods. The items you buy from them can fit your measurements correctly.

The shoes made by the company are not only for fashion and sportswear; they also make therapeutic footwear that can help individuals having certain health conditions, like apophysitis.