Golf is recognized as the highest paying game on this planet. Previously, the participation of players was mostly from the rich class but with time, the participation of different economic classes has also been observed.

However, it continues to be the top position for the highest merit game in today’s time. Famous players earn millions, once the big title to win. The total income from the course and the offside of the course deals add to the net player to create the players. From the course, players receive large promotional contracts from large brands and sponsors along with money from various tours. To check the other richest personalities of the world – check

Gary Player

He is a South African Golfer who is an active player on the European Tour and PGA Tours. In the seventy-three golf career, he has won total sunshine tours and twenty-four PGA titles. He got lifetime achievement awards in May 2012 at the Payer Championship.

In 2016 he will sit with the plan result of $ 15 million on the course at the tenth place and from the both course. Although he is retired from his professional golf career he is still regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time on this planet. He quickly won 165 tournaments and gas in the new Golf Hall of Fame and one of the richest Golfers in the world.

Justin Rose

Justin Rose is an African-born English professional golfer, who mostly plays in PGA tours. He was the winner of the US Open 2013 and would win the first English player US Open since 1970. He has available in the world one of the handsome golfers. In 2013, he ended the second place to Tiger Woods and climbed the career-high up on the World Cup of the Third. Last year, he became second with a tie along with Phil Mickelson. He has also launched with the lucrative golf course design and sponsor’s name including Ash, British Airways, and so on.

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