The six reasons why chicken coop will help you raise great-quality chickens

Most people prefer to eat free-range chicken compared to chickens that are bred in large industrial farms, for health reasons and for that, there are a growing number of households across Australia that grows their own free-range chicken, but how do you start your own chicken coop?

Everyone wants to build a very well-designed coop which is very human and comfortable to house your free-range chickens, and it has been proven that chicken that is grown in a very human and very safe way where they are completely comfortable during their existence, it increases its productivity as well as profitability if you are looking on the business side.

So why is a chicken coop important for a free-range poultry farm? This type of structure where it houses your chicken has a lot of essential reasons on why it is very important to have one, and in this article, let us read together with the most important reasons why you should start building your own Australian chicken coop.

Australian chicken coop

  1. Safety for your chickens- If you have a secured place where the chickens can rest and spend the rest of the night, they are surely safe from predators such as snakes, rats, raccoons, birds of prey, and feral cats, and to add more, a chicken coop ensures that the chickens will not wander to areas that may pose hazard to them especially if you are living in the city’s suburb areas where they could get hit with a passing car.
  2. Shelter for your chickens- while your chickens are the type of animals that can easily adapt to different weather and climates in the area that they are grown, but it does not mean that they do not need a shelter, because they could get sick and die instantly if they are exposed to rain, snowing, or intense heat from the sun. Chicken coops are very ideal to keep your chicken’s warm and dry where they can rest and roost comfortably.
  3. Provides roosting space for your chickens- One way for chickens to get rest is to roost at night and chicken coops are very ideal to place a roost inside it. A good chicken coop allows your chicken to roost and socialize with its fellow chickens inside and minimize any aggressive behavior among other chickens within its flock.
  4. Perfect space to lay eggs- If you are also planning to grow chickens for egg production, a chicken coop is very ideal to become its proper laying space where hens can lay eggs safely and comfortably. A good sized laying box inside the coop will do the work for hens.
  5. An effective way to confine chickens- For safety reasons and also to secure the chickens in one place, chicken coops are necessary to confine each one of it to prevent them from roaming around your property.
  6. Easy to feed the chickens- Chicken coops can be installed with feeding trays where you can put organic feeds and other types of food that are non-GMO and non-artificial where the chickens can enjoy.