A game that makes one feel the reality of the Hollywood Action movies is something that will make one feels the blend of the virtuality and the reality. Laser Tag is the platform.

dynasty toys


The Dynasty Laser Tag gaming equipments are the best and the most renowned ones all over the world. There is a line of products that can be the best one making it unique from many others. This company has always been successful with the best toy products for people of every age. To have a clear access to all the goods sold by this, one may simply visit the website

Robot spider bug

This is a beautiful invention from the dynasty toys, which includes a bug along with the USB charger. The spider bug is far a better option to the Toy Blasters. It is quite easy to get the spider worked which is also a great option to work along with the Blasters that are sold in a separate kit. Regular practice with the moving spider can be the best option to make one well trained and practiced for the game. Along with the Robot spider, there is also a Pink Flipping Robot that is also on the verge of gaining popularity and is a perfect one for the people from every age.


There are certain codified rules that make the game a better one. However, the rules can be varied depending upon the equipment, the phases and also the terms and conditions that have been set before the play began. The rules can be codified prior to the game depending on the amounts of the lives, the training effects on the tagged persons, the rate of firing and everything else can be altered depending on the choice.

Specialty games:

Capture the flag– in this, the player needs to just steal the flag from the opponent team, take it and then return to the original team without being noticed.

Protect the VIP- this is a great phase that decides to hide, stay concealed and also protects the VIP of the team.

Capture the base– this is like making an attack and also conquering the base of the opponent. This can be done only while defending the won territory.

The best thing is that in this game, the lasers that are used are too clean and the medically tested ones. The lasers that are shot from the guns and the phasors never become a staining one for the cloth and the skin.

With such games that cause no harm to the body and only raise the enthusiasm of the brain, it can be the best way to go with the gaming enjoyment.