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JesperNoer, Technical Director, 30 years old, when he was released in San Francisco, tells The Guardian about food additives and chemicals for the research he took every day to give him the advantage he needs at work, and without side effects. They are called nootropics, from the Greek word for “noos,” which means “mind.”

There is still a specific set of official data on these products, what makes these brain enhancement products useful?

Smart drugs

Thenootropics are “smart drugs” that the chemist and psychologist C.C. Giurgea is accredited to name. The scientist believed in the mechanism of a chemical cocktail, believing that they can improve mental power and brain function. He wrote in 1982 that the nootropic supplement is marked by the direct activation of superior cerebral mechanisms that improve the so-called cortical surveillance, as well as the replacement of an insufficient upper nervous activity.

In short, do nootropics work? the hope is to increase cognition, counteract the unpleasant effects of aging, help children with speech disorders and other diseases, and even help cope with stress and problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

areas of brain energy

Nootropic pills

Those who use nootropic pills have their own specific routine or nootropic battery, which includes several different compounds. This mode can be alternated if the user has some potential side effects that are mostly minor, such as a headache. Another important point about these nootropics is that they serve as a viable option for those who wish to quit drugs and their possible side effects, and still want to regain their concentration, concentration, motivation and other areas of brain energy.

Part of the thriving market for nootropics are energy pills that promise to increase mental energy and increase productivity, suggesting that the physical domain is directly related to the mental state. They act with the conviction that many people feel tired, lethargic and very bad all the time, not because of lack of energy, but because of the inability of the mind to stimulate impulse and motivation.

Some of the common ingredients in energy pills today are caffeine for stimulation, L-theanine for effective stress relief, not nausea or drowsiness, and N-acetyl-L-tyrosine to improve cognitive processes and regulate cell growth. All of these components work together to provide benefits in a drug-free package that can be taken every day.

Select the best nootropics

Careful research is required to select the best nootropics, including the best energy pills, caffeine pills and other similar marketing terms that the market can offer. So, do nootropics work? one thing is clear: these products have painted even the brightest in Silicon Valley, who believe they can be much better and stronger with a high quality nootropic battery. The trick is to choose wisely, and always include tablets with the right choice of food and lifestyle.