IBM systems have been in the industry since the 1980s. From AS/400 to the iSeries cloud, there are many milestone achievements. They are known for their performance, stability, scalability,and dependability. Cloud technologies did breakthrough the normal server system and it too the IT transformation to the next level.

In a business point of view, it is important to note that the cost of cloud hosting is minimal when the benefits are maximized. Though there are many benefits and features offered by the system, it is important for businesses to keep their data security on top priority. While there are a lot of data breach cases reported in the new quite often, it is the responsibility of the IT team to take care of security and data protection.

Data security must be your priority

While iSeries Cloudis considered to be one of the most secure systems, it is important to train your system administrators to find out different ways to keep the system ‘more’ secured and protected. Many organizations think that they are keeping the data safe but they FAIL on the key areas. It’s easy and here are 3 important tips that are easy to implement and safe to use.

Encryption management

Is your business email secured and encrypted? According to a report, it is identified that more than 80-90% of the virus and security threats appear due to the unencrypted email system. Security experts recommend that you have proper encryption enabled on your email so that the data is scanned before you open it.

This is simple and easy to implement. Encryption keys for sensitive data, password protected attachments are few of the simple tricks that will ensure your data is free from any threats.

Password management

If you’d ask me the most challenging task of the IT security team, I would say it’s the ‘Password management’. Users do not follow the security compliance strictly and you may come across users sharing their passwords orally. It is a security violation for two users to use the same user id and password in the IT environment however, there are no strict measures to follow it.

There are new technologies like Single sign-on password, multi-level encryption, one-time password and other features that will improve the security architect of every business. It is believed that singlesign-on password will eliminate 70-80% of the password problems and it works as the best way to protect and manage data.

If you are looking for simple tips to safeguard and protect your data, it is high time you implement password management tool in your system.

Secure System access and file sharing

Almost 50% of the data breach can be detected before the data is lost. It just a matter of security compliance and regulations. Cloud systems do not collect information like other traditional ones. They transmit the data in a useful format and allow access only after multiple security checks. There are many tools to collect real-time data and collect critical information required for data security. There are multiple tools available to track down and manage the security of the cloud system effectively.