To put the truth out there, long distance relationships are difficult. Sure, with the help of the internet and technology, you are now well connected and your partner doesn’t seem so far away. But you miss their actual presence in your life, you miss being in their life, you miss the physical intimacy and the cuddling. Especially, the cuddling. And it’s just downright awful that the both of you have to be so far away from each other. But life is funny that way, sometimes you have to fight for your love and push through all the struggles together as a couple and come out feeling stronger and closer to each other.

Now, if distance is keeping you both apart. You can always send gifts online to your girlfriend or boyfriend to let them know you are thinking about them. You don’t need a special day or a special occasion to celebrate your love for each other.

Here are six ideas for gifts for your long distance relationship!

  1. The best gift would be YOU: If you could take some time off from your work, the best surprise would be, being able to go to wherever they are for a weekend and spend some well-needed quality time together with each other. The both of you could disconnect from the real world and get lost together in your own world.
  2. Send them a care package: You could put together their favorite goodies in a box and have it couriered to them. Maybe some chocolates, cookies, a teddy bear a handwritten card. It’s the thought and that effort you put in that matters the most.
  3. Flowers: A bouquet of right flowers can make anyone’s day. There are many online websites like OyeGiftswho can help you out. If you are currently out of the country, with these guys, you can send flowers to India, for your loved one. And you can pair it up with a teddy bear and some chocolates and it’s the perfect gift.
  4. Order an online gift: Nobody knows your loved one better than you do and with the help of the internet, you can now surprise your partner by ordering a gift online. And with such a variety of options to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Imagine the smile on their face when they see a gift from you at their doorstep waiting to be unwrapped.
  5. Order food for them: If your beloved is having a bad day, you can surprise them by ordering their favorite meal from any nearby restaurant to their doorstep. That’s the power of connectivity we are living in and surprising anyone with ice cream is always a good thing.
  6. A matching accessory set: You could get your partner and yourself a pair of accessories exclusively customized for you; maybe a keychain, a pendant, a bracelet. Just something exclusively for the two of you to hold close to your heart when you miss the other.

None of these gifts will ever match up to the actual feeling of being with the one you love but you can’t stop trying for your relationship; physical distance means nothing if your hearts are close together and gifts are just expressions of your love and bond with each other and though, it’s definitely not the reason for your relationship, it’s always feels really good to have your loved one gift you something from the heart.