A baby contraction timer is important as it connotes a situation when you need to head to a hospital. Precisely it pinpoints the stage of labour you find yourself at. The key is to download the app and set the ball rolling. Trust me the contractions are the nicest piece of sensation in the world, but every cramp is an indication that you are about to near your baby. This is how long they are going to last. The close you find yourself to the contractions, the faster you are about to reach labour.

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When is the apt time to start with contractions?

You should start contractions with one, two and 3, and trust me; they are going to be regular. If you have been part of one, then wait for the second, so that they are going to follow a regular pattern. Sometimes constipation may resemble to a mix between constipation and a really bad period. The pain normally starts in the back and then move towards the back or the region of the abdomen. Just be aware of the fact that it works out to be different in case of each woman.

The process starts off by beginning within a second and then happens every 15 minutes or so. Just take into account that there is no set pattern, so no cause of worry as it may vary with each woman.

How to time the contractions in a perfect manner?

A lot of apps are available in the market where you can download and time your contractions. In a way you are allowed to breathe through each one of them. This is all credit to technology. Even for the matter if you belong to the old school of thought have a paper and pen handy and let your partner note down the readings.

Just take into account that there is no need to time through the entire process of labour as the whole purpose is to find out whether you are actually in the stage of labour. The moment you are able to figure it out then stop it.

It is high time that you would need to proceed to the hospital when the frequency of the contractions does reduce to 5 or 6 minutes. If they are irregular it does indicate a false labour and there is nothing to be alarmed in this case.

Use of pregnancy app

It has to be stated that pregnancy is the most beautiful time of your life and you need to enjoy it in the best possible way. You can enjoy it in multiple ways and a contraction timer online is one of the ways to enjoy it. Though there are multiple apps in the market which pregnant women can use to their advantage.

To move around the place and be aware of the current happenings is not always possible during the course of pregnancy as well. These apps not only time the contractions but have a lot of value added features as part of it.