What we know as a chakra pendant is a patterned piece of jewellery which is worn on a necklace to assist in balancing one or more of the body’s seven main energy points. Those out there who carry out chakra healing or balancing,claim that every one of the body’s energy centres, or chakras, corresponds with a specific colour.

And that each colour has a distinctive vibration, and by wearing a gemstone it is said to make use of the vibrations of the stone’s specific colour. Wearers claim this helps to balance out the corresponding chakra and afford the wearer with emotional and physical health and prosperity.

  • Even though every colour of stone brings with it a different energy, it is said that using all seven colours together in a chakra pendant will balance each of the chakras.

Indian Roots

The word “chakra” has its origins in Sanskrit and means wheel. Chakras were first seen talked about in ancient Hindu texts and relater to the seven main energy vortexes of the human body. These energy points, like a vortex, draw in data and energy from their environment.

It is reckoned that blockages of the chakras are said to create emotional and physical issues.

Seven Main Chakras

It is believed that each person has many chakras, although there are seven central ones. These are connected to the body’s seven endocrine glands and are aligned up and down the spine. Chakra pendants make use of seven gemstones, which represent these seven main chakras, set in a straight line in the same order as the chakras are found on the body.

  • A purple stone (Amethyst) whichis symbolic of the crown chakra at the top of the head is set at the top of the pendant, whilst the other six chakra stones are set in order beneath it.

Improving one’s Health

Somebody who wishes to strengthen one chakra should wear a pendant with just the one chakra stone. For example, when it comes to the heart, this chakra is associated with high blood pressure, asthma and muscle tension. The heart chakra is strengthened and balanced with the use of green colour vibrations, so anyone with these health problems should select a chakra pendant with a single emerald or jade stone to aid the chakra of the heart.

The type of chakra pendant which combines all seven coloured stones goes from the purple stone to indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red stones. These each represent the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, spleen and root.

  • There isindeed a variation of gemstones which can be utilised for each colour

For instance, the root chakra, connectedto the adrenal gland, can be balanced out by use of ruby, red jasper or flame agate stones.

Chakra pendants can be seen on many people nowadays.