Do not underestimate the power to create prototypes. Too often, the advantages of prototyping the invention are ignored or completely ignored when the “experts” assume this problem. But turning your idea into a product sample is probably the most important part of the invention. And if you’re not sure, here are five reasons why you should prototype your prototyping inventions:

1. This facilitates the patenting

For almost 100 years, our culture seems to inspire in television, books and films of confidence that we urgently need to patent our ideas, so they do not stay on the road or has been stolen. It is a costly and complex process to take a rough idea and become a patent, so you do not want to enter the arena at a cost of $ 10,000 more without training, right?

2. Soften the design of your invention

Once you create your idea in a prototype, you can now test it in real life situations and look for defects in design or concept. Some may want to go the way of creating a “virtual prototype”. Now, there are many advantages for the artist created a 3D-version of your product – you can present it to potential customers, you can get a cheap idea of ​​how it will look when it is built, and you can decide on the visual characteristics of the product. , a “virtual prototype” cannot be proven in real life. Remember that the real world and the virtual world are completely different, and the 3D drawings do not take into account everything.

3. The prototypes define the production process

After all, whether you or a person to whom you can sell an idea, someone will have to make your prototyping inventions. The prototypes help determine which production processes are required. Will it be molded by injection, ultrasonic welding or die-cutting?
You may even need to define a new production technology to build your invention, but you need to know all of this before the manufacturer or company incorporates your project.

4. Determine the correct price

The only way to really understand what a product really costs for production is to create a prototype. As with understanding how it will be produced, you will discover what materials you will create it will cost you, or at least what types of materials you will use.

When you create a prototype, think about the price you want to achieve. Of course, this should probably start in the design, but then you will realize that you need to build it at a lower price. It is time to analyze the design and find ways to change it to ensure a better manufacturing cost. And, as you will before patenting, you will save without making an amendment or a second patent.

5. This facilitates the license or sale

With the prototype ready you will not only be able to explain what the features and benefits of your prototyping inventions are, but also be able to enter the figures to explain the costs of production, which will be built, and so on. Conversational tone at will show you the professionalism and respect of your company. For too long, many friendly people offer ideas such as paper drawings or hard to interpret patents, but the presence of the prototype is ready to work – a bonus if you have a sample of the packaging, – a lot.