F1 Legend Hakkinen

Mika Hakkinen won the Formula One Drivers’ world championship in 1998 and 1999, but after retiring from the sport at the end of 2001 it is clear that being in the winning seat is never far from his mind. Even more than a decade later.

Initially, Hakkinen took a sabbatical from F1, but his sabbatical turned into a retirement, and he never made it back to the grid. Instead, he became a DRTM race winner, but he officially retired from the world of motorsport in 2007. However, in early 2018 Hakkinen told reporters that he’d been contemplating a comeback and that he thinks he would be able to win some races if he did so.

A Serious Option

Hakkinen is quite serious about making a return to the sport, and as he went out on a whimper rather than a bang, he possibly feels that he still has a lot more to give.

F1 Legend Hakkinen

Hakkinen’s possible return has been spurred on by him taking his 1998 title-winning McLaren back on the track at Suzuka in celebration of the history of the sport. No doubt Hakkinen’s return would be well received, especially from F1 fans who would be thrilled to see him back on the track rather than observing the action from the comfort of the paddock club. https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/ can arrange a great vantage point, but many believe Hakkinen belongs back on the track.

Looking for Support

After driving his winning McLaren again, Hakkinen says he still has the ability to race. He works as a brand ambassador for a company called Hintsa Performance, so he has the support he needs. He thinks Hintsa would help him greatly, as they take care of many drivers, so he may well be in the right place and now may be the right time.

If Hakkinen makes a return to F1, he will be doing so to win. He says he doesn’t believe in making a comeback only to come second or third. He’ll be gunning for the top spot on the podium. As he last raced in 2011 in a Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 in Le Mans in China, he will need to adapt to some of the changes that have occurred in the sport over the years, but as a highly skilled and talented driver, this shouldn’t be an issue.