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The Star Inn The City in York, a brasserie with a Michelin-starred chef at the helm, recently received an email from a prospective diner querying the portion sizes.

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Honesty Is the Best Policy

In the refreshingly honest email, the man describes himself as a ‘fat lad’ and appears concerned that the portion size in such an upmarket restaurant will be too small to fill him up, leaving him wondering if he’ll need to round off his meal with a kebab.

Respecting his honesty, the restaurant manager replied, advising him that portions were of Yorkshire proportions and he should be satisfied. However, if he wasn’t staff would be happy to point him the direction of one of the many takeaway venues.

York Culinary Highlights

York has a varied range of culinary delights for visitors to the city, and The Telegraph lists some of its favourite restaurants that you might want to try out.

As well as gastronomical delights, the city also boasts the wide range of takeaway establishments you would expect from any self-respecting student Mecca. These premises, which use serve over counters to put a barrier between themselves and late-night revellers looking for a carb fix on the way home, are set up to serve good-value food.

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Whether you’re running a fast-food outlet or boutique restaurant looking to buy new or replace existing serve over counters, either for hot or cold food, take a look at companies such as

Continuing its association with good food, York also hosts one of the biggest food festivals in the UK. The York Food and Drink Festival, which runs at the end of September, is now in its 21st year. The event attracts a whole host of regional restaurants and local producers. While entry to the show itself is free, there is a charge for some of the events that happen across the ten days. These demonstrations and workshops are aimed at giving local producers the opportunity to showcase their wares as well as educating visitors about food production and healthy eating.

While this ten-day event is the main attraction of the year, there is also a chocolate festival at Easter and a taster festival in the spring.

So our ‘fat lad’ need not worry about portion size, as a visit to York won’t leave anyone hungry!